Proving good bulls in the pasture!

       LCR Painted Chief             

(photo 8/11/07)

From very predictable Longhorn cattle genetics, this herdsire
-DOB 5/03 -
good stretch and height,
great muscle development and clean lines.

He has thick, heavy horns and throws excellent early horn
and size to his uniform calves.

A desirable Longhorn conformation package, he
is the epitome of his name---truly a Painted Chief.

We are very pleased with his calves - a few pictured below.

The calves above are a few examples
of Painted Chief's outstanding '09 calf crop!



Flashy heifer @ 2 mos. - photo July '07.


LCR Sheza Hottie @ 12 mos. - photo July '07.


    right- LCR Snazzy Miss  - photo - Aug. 07 
Left -  LCR  Showtime (Steer) @ 13 mos.- Photo-July 07.



LCR Zorro -

LCR Zorro @ 10 mos. Impressive body and HORN!
- Photo- Nov. '07.

LCR Lotta Pizzaz @ 14 mos. . (Horn Projection: 67 1/2")
Photo- July -'07.



At Left: LCR Miss Loud and Proud:

Some knock-out heifers in these promising LUCY CREEK young ones!
   Photos - Aug '07. 

photo - Jan. '08 photo - Dec. '07

and now... some pretty new faces in the pasture!

                                                  photos Jan. 08
               and the toros are muy guapo,(very good-looking)too! 

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