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From time to time we share specific info here with
"Jargon from the Arena"

Cattle terms may vary somewhat, but below are a few that
one might hear at Livestock Shows, Cattle Classes, FFA Programs.
or in pasture visits while viewing cattle.


Wasty fronted --- oversized in the front, loose in the brisket - typically with excess fat.

Clean -- meaning free of excess skin, usually in reference to
minimal or no navel flap, no pendulous sheath or loosely hanging throat latch.

Spring of rib --- exactly as it indicates---the width and
outward extending shape of the rib cage (barrel) to afford good abdominal capacity.

"He/she is just not a fit with the other (bulls/heifers) in the class"
Meaning dissimilar, not alike (in type/style) when compared -- while
others in the class are more similar by comparison.
Similar animals are often grouped & sometimes receive higher
placement in a consecutive order than one that is dissimilar.

Steer Like (or steery) -- meaning less feminine (or less masculine) in features,
usually referencing the head, neck and shoulders.
The term "coarse" can also be used in similar context and could
include fragmented frame or bone structure with some degree
of conformation loss.

Typey -- referencing traits typical of that particular breed --
and satisfying some standard level of conformation.

A reference to Pons -- would be a comment about excess fat
deposits around the tail head (& pin bones), typically visible as bulges.
These deposits may indicate a potentially detrimental excess of internal fat as well.

Truer tracking -- easy moving -- relates to structure, soundness, balance & stride.

Tight hipped -- appearing narrow or pinched with less freedom of
movement and reduced stride.

Balance -- complimentary lines. Skeletal correctness with good length,
topped with an attractive head and appropriate size/configuration of horns.
Therefore: Functional and appealing from head to tail.

Livestock information and it's "jargon" can also be found
through sites from Extension Bureaus and Texas A&M Data Links.
We will also update and expand our information
from time to time - THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!




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