Lucy Creek Ranch











Hollywood Comes to Lucy Creek Ranch - August 2013.

American Idol Film Shoot

Assigned to split the Longhorn herd, drive the cattle to the barn, and then go back
and pick up the rest---these Wranglers (L-R) Brittany Guinn, Sarah Faske,
Nathaniel Faske and Joseph Faske were willing and ready to ride!
The cattle drive was a great success and without a flaw, thanks
to these experienced wranglers.



Nathaniel's rope tricks caught the eye of the camerman---
perhaps this will be part of the January 2014 programming!


Waiting for the next assignment from the producer,
the Faske 3 enjoy a brief rest
as Sarah strikes a casual pose
over the horn.



 Look for the "TEXAS REVEAL" on American Idol
in January 2014




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